It's a somewhat simple task to build the Raspberry Pi with the lights.

Some soldering experience will definitely help but don't feel discouraged: below you will find everything you need, just read through.


Instructions for the hardware

The Raspberry Pi is fitted with a polyfuse at the USB 5V rail. You'll need to tap the 5V from the input side of the polyfuse (the photos below are from the Raspberry Pi 2).

pre-polyfuse 5V

Top view of the connections

When soldering the 4-pin JST SM Plug to the LED strip, make sure to solder it on the input side of the strip (input is marked with DI, CI).

If you want protection for the Pi SPI pins, include the schmitt trigger buffer along the 2 SPI lines and power the buffer from the 5V that was tapped earlier (before the polyfuse).

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